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Video Games

I have always been a video game fanatic, ever since I got hooked on the first Mario Brothers on the first Nintendo. Although the technologies have changed, playing video games is as fun as ever and will always continue to be a terrific hobby and way to spend your time.

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Duncan Davis



It is nearly impossible to live in today’s modern age and not have some influence in your life from video games. They are in the news, they are on billboards, they influence various Hollywood movies, and they are basically all around us. Video games are made to entertain, to educate, and to now live active lifestyles, but over the course of only sixty years, the video game industry has changed drastically. New electronic breakthroughs are made every year, new games are created every six months, and online gaming changes daily. For years, it was thought to be a solely male hobby to take part in, but with the newest motion sensor technology by Nintendo with their Wii system, more and more women are becoming gamers every year.

To imagine the world without video games would be completely absurd at this point in time as some games tend to now make more money than world released movies and sporting events. It is because of the popularity of video games that gaming is one of the most accessible hobbies for both men and women to take part in individually, with friends, or with friends around the world online. To initially choose a gaming system to begin gaming with, one has to simply weigh the pros and cons of each system to choose accordingly. But before we choose what type of gaming counsel or games we would like to play, we must look at the fast moving pace of video game history to fully understand the hobby that is video games.

How to Choose a Consoles

Although the history of video games appears to be quite daunting with its fast pace that spans half of the twentieth, there really are only four gaming consoles available to the new to average gamer. These four are basically the Xbox 306, Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii, and the Home PC. Although all four can all play basically the same games, they all have pros and cons that should be looked at prior to purchasing the systems.

The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 are essentially the same system except for some minor difference. The most important difference is the Playstation 3 comes with a built in BlueRay player where the Xbox 360 comes with an optional HDDVD, which movies are no longer being made for. Perhaps a down out win by the Playstation 3, but most gamers have appeared to care little about the BlueRay player, and instead seem to focus on the lower price of the Xbox 360. With both system boasting similar graphics and video, the other thing one has to consider is that due to their direct competition, there are some games that are exclusive to one system or another. For example, God of War 3 is exclusive for Playstation 3 where Allan Wake is exclusively for X Box 360.

The Nintendo Wii has proven itself to be the wave of the future by developing motion sensor gaming that is exclusive right now only for the Nintendo Wii. Gamers are no longer able to sit and vegetate while playing games because to play Nintendo Wii games requires the player to go through the movements they are watching on the screen. From this stand point, the newest Nintendo games demands the users fullest involvement and attention to do well in video games. It is for this reason alone that Nintendo has set the Wii apart from all other competitors as the amount of games and the actual graphics of the available games are significantly lower than those of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Wii does however offer the only true work out games available that offers computerized trainers leading you through various workouts on a day to day basis. It is for this level of interactivity that is drawing new gamers into the video gaming realm along with being the least expensive of the four major consoles.

The last source of video games is the Home PC, which is gradually being replaced by the other three video game consoles. At one time, it was generally considered to be the only true source of video games, but in today’s age a majority of gamers are moving towards counsel gaming. The pro to all computer games is that you are given control over updating your computer hardware so that it is capable to running certain games, and since computers can run at faster speeds that consoles that are limited to their design, PC games tend to run faster and smoother. The issue with this is that you have to spend money in order to play games that are designed to need specific hardware to run. Without that specific hardware, your game will simply not run. Counsel games on the other hand are made with the system requirements set in stone so that you never have to update the hardware on your gaming consoles.

Vintage Consoles Return

A strange thing happened during the seventh generation of video game consoles. All those kids that grew up with the second and third generation consoles, more specifically the Nintendo and Super Nintendo consoles, actually grew up. Perhaps it was for nostalgia reasons, but those older consoles that had been long since discontinued began to grow in popularity yet again. The problem facing most gamers seeking the now vintage games of their childhood was that they had long since sold their old systems when upgrading to the newest generation. Suddenly second hand stores and pawn shops are begging to make a regular profit off of vintage gaming consoles along with their games.

Along with the sales of the vintage consoles of the second and third generations of counsel games, an entirely new market has arisen to serve the needs of those purchasing vintage consoles. The problem that most people have once they obtain these vintage machines is that they are on average 20 – 25 years old. After such a long time, pieces and parts are bounds to get dirty, broken, or lost and need to be replaced. There is now an entire market surrounding the need to fix and repair the older gaming machines. There are now manufacturing companies that are begging to make replicas of vintage machines like controllers, cables, ect.. It is now actually possible to purchase a vintage counsel and revamp it so that it is literally better than when it was new.

Even if you are not interested in the actual playing of video games, the hobby or restoring vintage machines can be a very rewarding experience. Not only are people more than willing to spend money on retro gaming systems from their childhood, but they are also more than happy to purchase something that actually works. More often than not, a simple cleaning is all that is required, but sometimes electrical parts or circuit boards require replacing, and by taking the system from the preverbal graveyard to playing everyone’s beloved Super Mario video game, could turn into a lifelong passion and fulltime business.

There are still companies like Activision & Rockstar that are still creating some classic games for PC, such as the Grand Theft Auto series. PC gaming is still one of the most popular ways to escape from everyday life stress, and with connectivity being available worldwide it has now become virtually impossible to not get online. This has seen dramatic growth for the online casino gaming industry - with classic games like roulette, poker and blackjack being available 24/7. People are very keen to get involved to win some big money and if it`s not for that, people are using it to even host their very own casino nights!


With a virtual endless list of video games from not only the four leading game consoles, the X Box 360, Playstation #, Nintendo Wii, and the Home PC, but also for all the vintage gaming consoles from the earlier generations, there is no better opportunity to start gaming today. Whether you like sport games, action games, first person shooter games, or role playing games, there is no shortage of games to be played. Even if you can’t afford to buy a new gaming counsel, used consoles are available in stores and online that will give you a significant discount when compared to the new price tag. These games are for all ages, and are no longer exclusively for men because there has been a recent influx of female gamers that have evened out the ranks on nearly all available games.

This is one hobby that is accessible to everyone, and not only can everyone play, but there is equal footing for all players because anyone can beat anyone on any game despite their sex. You can choose to play alone to test your skills against computer based players, or you can play online with people on the other side of the world from you. Just because you don’t speak their language, doesn’t mean they are a better or worse video game player. You just have to remember that when you play as Super Mario, his weaknesses are also everyone else’s weaknesses.